Cooking Mistakes To Avoid When Making Pizza

Pizza is undeniably one of the world’s most popular foods. When one takes into account the¬†there is a seemingly endless list of variations one can put on this classic Italian dish, it’s easy to understand why — there is a pizza pie for everyone!¬†While the favorite parts of a pizza vary from person to person, the cooking process for this mealtime favorite can be more complicated than most give it credit for. Adding too much of this, not enough of that or a myriad of other missteps can completely ruin the finished product.

At Bronx Pizza & Subs, we like to think of ourselves as Arlington’s pizza experts and therefore know a thing or two about making the perfect pie. Here are some major mistakes to avoid when making a pizza at home:

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    Seasoning Is Serious Business

    A good pizza is made by its crust, making the right seasoning very important to the finished product. When preparing your dough, make sure to keep salt and other seasonings proportional to the toppings you intend on using. For example: if you’re planning on loading the pizza with anchovies or olives, balance it by using less salt in your crust.

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    Get Your Hands Into It

    Making the perfect pizza doesn’t have to come from a perfect toss. Leaving spinning up to the pros is fine, as long as you work your dough into shape by hand. Using a rolling pin will create air pockets that will leave your crust tasting tough.

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    Simple Sauce Is The Best Sauce

    Despite what most think, the best pizza sauces aren’t complicated. All you need is some crushed tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt and pepper to get this pizza component down pat.

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    Don't Go Toppings Crazy

    Toppings are great and all, but if you add 7 of them to your pizza it will fall apart and taste funky. Instead, aim for 3 to 4 ingredients that compliment each other (and the other dishes on the table).

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    Pizza Stones Aren't The End-All-Be-All

    Don’t believe the hype; pizza stones aren’t absolutely necessary when making your pizza. A simple baking sheet set in a preheated oven will work just fine. (Make sure to coat the sheet in oil and craft you pizza directly on top of it.)