Pizza Toppings You Never Thought To Use Before (But Should)

Many people thing pizza is simply a combination of dough, sauce and cheese. At our Clarendon pizza shop however, we know that it is truly much more than that. Flavorful toppings give a pie delicious depth, appealing to one’s tastebuds in ways never experienced before. When we spotted this list of unique pizza toppings, we just had to share it … Read More

Pizza Like You’ve Never Seen Served Before

Calling all pizza lovers: if you love pizza as much as we do at Bronx Pizza & Subs, these photos will definitely catch your eye. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways at our Arlington restaurant to serve our favorite dish but the variations we found here are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Pizza Quesadillas? Pizza Sushi? You’ve got … Read More

Pizza ATMs Are Now Actually A Thing, First At Xavier University

Pizza ATM

Utilizing technology to get food on-demand isn’t exactly a new concept, but Xavier University is putting a whole new, delicious meaning to the idea. According to, the Ohio college is now the proud owner of the first pizza ATM in the United States. Sold 24 hours a day for $9, customers customize their 12-inch pies on the touchscreen and … Read More

What’s Better Than Pizza & Donuts Together? Nothing.

Pizza Donut

After years of cooking up New York style pies in our Arlington kitchen, Bronx Pizza & Subs is always on the lookout for new culinary creations to try. Separately, both pizza and donuts are magically delicious foods. Combine the two (as this Thrillist article suggests here) for a new, cheat day worthy treat: the pizza bagel. You’re welcome, everyone. [Photo credit via]

What Else Can You Do With Pizza Dough? Here’s A Few Things.

There’s no denying that when it comes to pizza, it’s all about the dough. The foundation of the beloved pie can also be used to create a variety of other tasty dishes, creating endless culinary possibilities. Here are some of Bronx Pizza & Sub’s favorite alternative cooking options for pizza dough.

Bronx Pizza Tosses Summer Pies On ‘Let’s Talk Live’

Nothing hits the spot in the DMV summer heat like some truly creative pies that suit the season! We’re so excited about our summer pies at Bronx Pizza & Subs, and we joined the team at WJLA’s ‘Let’s Talk Live’ to talk about our favorites. Check out the clip below and find out what we’re putting in our pizza this … Read More

Tour de Pizza: Exploring Pies From Across The Globe

There are 6,500 spoken languages around the world, communication across cultures can sometimes prove to be a barrier. The one thing that will always translate however, is some piping hot pizza! Not everyone takes their pie the same way we do in the United States, or even in Arlington, Virginia. The ingredients, presentation and overall taste are largely reflective of the … Read More

Taste Of Arlington 2016 To Showcase Neighborhood Restaurants & Vendors

The Ballston Business Improvement District’s annual Taste of Arlington the area’s most highly anticipated street fair of the season. Each spring, this neighborhood event showcases the best in local hospitality and entertainment to upwards of 40,000 attendees. For the 2016 edition, over 50 area restaurants and chefs will be serving up their dynamic delicacies to the hungry crowd. Although our Clarendon pizza … Read More

Cooking Mistakes To Avoid When Making Pizza

Pizza is undeniably one of the world’s most popular foods. When one takes into account the there is a seemingly endless list of variations one can put on this classic Italian dish, it’s easy to understand why — there is a pizza pie for everyone! While the favorite parts of a pizza vary from person to person, the cooking process for this … Read More